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Perfectly imperfect pratice!

Imperfect = I'm perfect, right here, just as I am.

Beth Jervis
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About Imperfect Yoga

At Imperfect Yoga we believe Yoga should be fun.

We will not tell you what to eat, incite you to do any prayer-like chanting, or tell you to change your lifestyle. But we will still take you on a journey within. By linking movement and breath in yoga, we explore the mind-body connection and we find our own path to enlightenment. For some people that may mean a deep dive into yogic philosophy, for many others it just means learning a new way to to chill out, and explore our bodies and minds with both gentleness and vigour.


At Imperfect yoga, there is no indoctrination, no judgement, no higher power, we just practice, with alignment cues, a lot of fun metaphor and good humour. We often prolong workshops and events with a social event, including good healthy fun and indulgence, because it shouldn't be about what you can and cannot do, but listening to ourselves and seeing and enjoying what is there. Yoga is not about a perfect practice, it's about being perfectly present in the moment and loving and accepting our strengths and weaknesses.

Imperfect = I'm perfect, right here, just as I am! 

Imperfect Offer

What is an imperfect offer? it's an offer which is not quite finished, it is an offer which is somewhat left open for interpretation, it is an offer which can be discussed, developed and sculpted to suit the needs of it's 'demander', a little like a conversation with an old friend mixed with a new thought, a new idea, or a new sensation, or a meditation practice during which focus shifts from what we think we see and hear to what might be possible.

I have always prefered the taylor-made approach. You can find my current imperfect offer below! 

Imperfect Contact

To enquire about a personal coaching session or bookings for corporate workshops or other events, please use the contact form. I will get back to you sharpish! 

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Thank you for your enquiry!

Bahram, Paris

« I really loved the imperfect yoga session. As a beginner, it was a real adventure! »

Philippe, Paris

«I enjoyed both parts of the workshop. Firstly, the physical challenge, the second part -unexpected- allowed me to "go elsewhere". Beyond the physical aspect, I noticed during the tea-time that my voice was lower, calmer and more relaxed...»

Carole, Villejuif

«I really liked the small group, the personal adjustments, and the presentation of the practice
(origins and objectives).»
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